Beautiful Lips

Posted by Dawn Dewey , 4/5/11

I am amazed at how God is in everything! Specifically in the littlest things.

This past weekend we took a road trip with Daddy after the girls soccer games. He got a call from work for a needed pharmecuetical run, and since we all were at the soccer fields & our plans for the evening were canceled we decided to tag along with him and make it an adventure day.

We ended up going shopping.. imagine that.. lol and Daddy found the coolest lipsticks for the girls... Hello Kitty 3 shades of pink glitter... beautiful! The girls thought they were diva's! And of course Mama thought they looked like divas.

Well last night, as I put the girls to bed, I pulled out their God's little princess devotional and randomly selected the devotion titled "Beautiful lips" In my head I was thinking.. hmm this could be good since the girls have been doing some tattle telling... some lying... and saying some not so nice words. So as i began reading.. it was talking about how we have to be careful with the words that come out of our mouths and how it can hurt people etc... it went in to talk about putting beautiful lipstick on and I was able to relate it to their lipstick and tell them how every morning before we go to school that "WHEN" we put on our lipstick we have to make sure that we are careful with our words that come out of our beautiful lips...etc... well that STUCK... Oh mommy we can put lipstick on every day... OH YES girls... as long as we make sure we are careful with the words that come out... They got so excited and started giving me bad examples... and good examples of words.

WOW... I thought.. God you are amazing something so little is making such an impact in my girls... they will remember this everytime they put on their lipstick.

We then held hands and prayed..and both girls included in their prayer ..."please Jesus help my lips with lipstick say nice things to others at school tomorrow"...

Then we sang the old school song... Oh be careful little mouth what you say... for the FATHER up above is looking down with love... Oh be careful beautiful lips what you say.

AMAZING how much I realized this weekend!

Posted by Dawn Dewey , 3/6/11

WOW what a weekend! My oldest daughter who just turned 6, won an overnight stay for 4 to Kalahari Water park resort in Sandusky. We were able to use it on her post birthday weekend which made it even a sweeter deal for her!

On this mini vacation a lot of realizations filled my mind. The drive was a very scenic relaxing drive.. we took our time getting there... We drove through parts of Ohio that were just now getting out of being under water. We were in AWE... stunned... unbelief of how badly flooded this area of Ohio was/is. We realized how blessed we are... and how awful and horrible these people have it. I was talking to an employee at the Mcdonalds in the area... and she said "Yes at least today I was able to drive to get to work today". WOW.

In my head.. my children are still my babies... and without knowing ..I don't want them to grow up. And on certain occasions I REALIZE this... lol this being another one of those times. Kalahari has this amazing wave pool! Abigail wanted badly to go in. I was petrified to even think to let her go in. So we tempted with the shallow end which only made her desires to go in even more... now.. keep in mind that this is the child who screams when you get water in her face when getting her hair washed! Kalahari has this AWESOME rule.. (which i didn't like at first) kids under a certain height MUST wear a life-jacket in all water areas. Well... I caved and let Abigail go further in the wave pool with me in arms reach of course... MAN O MAN did we get knocked around, under and over and into each other... the 1st 20 minutes I WAS NOT HAVING FUN.. trying to watch her, catch her and hold myself up at the same time was NOT my idea of fun. Then as I stood catching my breath... i see this amazing beautiful little girl having the time of her life... jumping the waves... going up and down under the water like she was a fish! SERIOUSLY I was in AWE! It was then I REALIZED that my little girl is growing up even more!

I'm sure that if I think harder I can think of a TON more of realizations... but the last one I will leave you all with is that ... I realized this mini vacation was NOT LONG ENOUGH! lol

PS... one more thing... I think God was also teaching me a lesson in it all too..all the worrying I do.. if i just sit back.. catch my breath... I can see HIS work in AWE too!

AMAZING how much I realized this weekend!

I really LOVE Valentines Day!

Posted by Dawn Dewey , 2/13/11

I really do love Valentines day! I always have.. from being in grade school I remember getting to decorate my valentines box. I don't really remember all the valentines I received or didn't receive.. I was all about giving mine. Now that I am a mom and we.. err I mean Abigail gets to make her own valentines box... and getting ready for the big valentines party with all the snacks to bring in.. and valentines to send... I am literally like a kid in a candy store.. I am so excited.. but not to receive.. but to give. I started making these Valentine cake truffles at 1030pm last night and my husband said.. who are these for.. I said .. I dunno I'll find someone. I have 2 dozens someones to find... hahah. But I get it. For GOD so loved US that He gave His SON JESUS! WOW.. that's what I wrote on all my basketball players valentines. IT seems so simple.. so childlike that scripture... but OH SO TRUE.. I can just see God face when one of his children realizes the GIFT that they have been given.. the smile on his face... the joy that it brings him... just for us to receive his SON.. his ONE AND ONLY SON. WOW ... and to top it off with whip cream and strawberries ( i don't like cherries).. WE get to be the ones to tell others about this great gift..WOW...

I am amazed at how God reveals things and speaks to us.. I came on here to blog about my Cake Truffles...

Hope everyone has a great Valentines day... enjoy the pics of my pink and red chocolate makings.

Sweet and Savory by Sarah: Cake Truffles For Valentines Day

Posted by Dawn Dewey , 2/10/11

I AM going to try these this weekend!

Sweet and Savory by Sarah: Cake Truffles For Valentines Day: "I've attempted to make cake balls in the past and it turned into an epic fail.  I did a couple of things wrong (how you do this wrong,..."

Valentine Goodies

Posted by Dawn Dewey , 2/4/11

I have had some Pillsbury refrigerated pie crust in my fridge and needed to do something with them, so I came across these mock pop tart ideas. I had Strawberry Jam, Homemade and store bought that I used, sugar sprinkles, food coloring and cream cheese frosting. Pampered Chef has these wonderful Easy Accent Decorating bottles that made icing the larger goodies so easy.

The smaller strawberry goodies were a little more complicated, just because of the size, I could have used a slightly larger cookie cutter if I had one and the filling would have not kept oozing out. lol These were by far the easiest and more fun for my 4 year old.

The Larger strawberry goodies were easier to fill and more fun for Mommy to decorate.

Easy, Fast, Simple and ingredients on hand!


Another sick day another child

Posted by Dawn Dewey

Well this week has been another crazy. School on Monday, then 2 snow days, back to school on Thursday and then my oldest daughter wakes up with what looks like the onset of pink eye.. so now a sick day. On top of that.. I have been sort of sick myself. Although I don't feel sick, let's just say I have the symptoms that come with being sick. I can't keep food in. This has been going of for 3 days now. And NO I AM NOT PREGNANT! (lol).

So after dropping off my little ones at my mother in laws (i don't want a pink eye epidemic to break out in my house) we both came home and rested. Then it was time to take my middle daughter to school. On the way home I kept thinking what can we do that is educational as well as fun. YEAH ITS CRAFT TIME!

So we searched online at different ideas and we both loved this one. We added our own little flare with the rhinestone gems. We were able to sound out words, write the sounds we hear, have fun and get our craft on!

These will soon be taped on our front door as soon as i figure out where the little ones put my tape roll. : )

Posted by Dawn Dewey , 2/1/11

So i did get creative today!!!

Posted by Dawn Dewey , 1/28/11

So this week has been so crazy.. outside of the normal crazy lol.. 1st Aubrielle was at her Granna's house 2 hours away spending some quality time for her birthday, but right before she left she had a light case of croup. We dropped her off Saturday, then Sunday was a typical day... Monday... i got the touch of the stomach flu... by bed time Weston my youngest started the bark.. so like it was routine.. daddy and i went in to motion... Daddy got the coats and the blankets while mommy got her shoes on and grabbed little Wes to go outside for a breathing treatment or what we called "going to see the snowman". I bet my neighbors were wondering what was up for the past week with me and a bundled up kid taking a walk down our driveway.. oddly enough it works... ... for a few hours.Then Tuesday I get a call.. my Aubrielle is missing mommy.. so in the car we go.. meet 1/2 way to get her... and then the next 3 nights mommy would stay home from work and every other hour tend to her sick little Wes. Fever, coughing, choking not breathing.. HORRIBLE case of the croup. During the day time though.. u would think nothing was wrong with him.. so I got to be a SAHM this week. Of course I was not prepared with all sorts of craftiness things to try out... so as you read from my previous post I ended up with just photo cards.. but FREE PHOTO cards for Valentines this year. BUT... today my last day as a SAHM we decided to do crafts... took an idea from my dear Friend Susie Chadwick at

Aubrielle had a blast making this picture today and while she was gluing.. i tried another idea from I tweaked it a little bit.. here is the concept

And here is my tweeking... everything to make this was already lying around my house. I made Tissue paper flowered top pencil bouquet! WOW that is a mouthful! This is going to make a nice bouquet gift for GRANNA.. SHhhhhhhh!!

Hope you are having a last minute craftiness day like me! Now I need to get crafty and pack 3 kids my husband and myself for a weekend getaway to GRANNA's!!

last years valentines day card

Posted by Dawn Dewey

So below is last years card.. i was feeling really creative.. this year.. well i have had a lot of sickies.. and kids now in school so not so much time.. so as you can see by prev post... i just got camera crazy... and utilized free cards from shutterfly!

The cropping is not the greatest here.. my mom still has her card uneaten.. and hanging in her hallway! Sooo Cute!

valentines 2011

Posted by Dawn Dewey , 1/26/11

One Hundred Hearts Valentine's Day 5x7 folded card
Unique party invitations and announcements by Shutterfly.
View the entire collection of cards.

Picky eater...

Posted by Dawn Dewey , 1/18/11

I have a 5 year old who insists on never eating chicken unless it is a nugget or a patty, refuses to eat pork chops unless it is drenched with ketchup and she sits at the table forever... beef ya right...  I honestly believe its not that she doesn't like it... it is a texture thing.    She eats certain vegetables pretty good, fruit great... cereals.. wonderful.. toasts... etc... but just not her proteins.

I have tried the supernanny approach... calm ... "ok honey... but you don't get your snack tonight.  Well now she approaches us... Mom I am done and I dont want any snack tonight.... (plate still has chicken/beef or pork on it) and she is fine with NO SNACK.   SO that is not working.  

I am trying hard not to get upset and frustrated cause she wont eat. My other 2... they can eat enough for a NFL football team.  I long quit being a short order cook well before she was 3.   I have even incorporated the jingle...  "You get what you get and you don't throw a fit"  (the girls love to use that on each other for EVERYTHING) ... The phrase.. "the kitchen is closed"   and it is to the point now where she could careless if she doesn't eat or drink anything else the rest of the night.  

I recently searched online for food charts ... like a rewarding type system... but I am not real sure how i feel about that...  I have posted the link to the website... it seems great even has games for kids to see how important it is to eat every part of the pyramid and is set up for different age groups. 

So.. I am asking all moms out there... ANY ADVICE.  I know being consistent is the key and we have been.  We have also tried different approaches.  I have heard everything from.. she will eat when she is hungry... to kids know when they are full... (full of what  She is healthy... she is not under weight...  SHE JUST WONT EAT MEAT  (unless McDonalds is attached to it lol)

Dryer Sheets

Posted by Dawn Dewey , 1/14/11

SO my friend Susie Chadwick over at posted an article re: new uses for dryer sheets... check it out!  

I have heard that dryer sheets are great bug repellants ... so camping in the summer you can still look great, smell great and keep those bugs away.

Snow Cream!

Posted by Dawn Dewey , 1/12/11

This was the best, most simple and most fun dessert we have made!   The girls loved fetchin the ingredients... lol  Thanks to Lynn for posting this recipe from Food Networks Paula Deen

Daddy also got involved too.. he added chocolate syrup to his ...Mmmmm 

Coupon for Free Half Gallon of Chocolate Milk

Posted by Dawn Dewey

Coupon for Free Half Gallon of Chocolate Milk

Always up for a Challenge

Posted by Dawn Dewey

One of my co-workers is having a baby... of course a baby girl.. which I go gaagaa over little girls.  Not that boys aren't just as precious... but all the girly stuff you can get....!  I have 2 so  I should know!   So we decided to have a mini baby shower at work for him...  And guess who volunteered to head it up!!  Of course! ME!  lol  I soo enjoy these types of things.   As I was trying to decide what cutsie things we could do I of course had to keep in mind that 1) we are still at work... and 2) he is a MAN and would not appreciate all the girly stuff like us women would.   So I found directions on how to make baby bootie cup cakes in pink!  OH YES!!  this is it!  I read the directions.. searched for others who have made them.. even found a video on youtube (that is becoming my best friend these days) and every single direction/recipe I found said  .... "SO EASY TO MAKE"  good I thought, cause that is exactly what i need!  I made my cupcakes the night before so they would be cooled down perfectly.  Yesterday after dropping kids off I mixed my cream cheese (can) frosting and red food coloring.  Filled my decorating bottle with white icing for the shoe strings.. and away i went.   1st one went together PERFECTLY... the rest no so perfectly.  lol   Cake Boss makes things look so easy!   The frosting and the cake crumbs from the cut portions kept mixing together making it AWFUL to frost the 2 pieces together... after making 6 of them.. i gave up... and just frosted the rest of the cupcakes pink and put the 1st initial of the new little baby girl to be "F" for Faith.    All in all everyone enjoyed the cupcakes and no one complained because they were not perfect    To top the baby shower off... my wonderful sister graciously made me an embroidered burp cloth and shipped it asap.... 


Posted by Dawn Dewey , 1/7/11

Still have to say this is the best commercial ever!

Coupon Deals for today

Posted by Dawn Dewey , 1/6/11

My Kroger deals for today.  Some of the items are stacked upon each other too.  But Cereal was my big score today.  They had b4 and get kellogs for 1.99 each... but then i had cpn for $1/2, $1/2, and a .75 dig cpn  cereal ended up being 1.30 each.   Malt O Meals were on sale 2/$5, and I had a $2.00 off cpn,   Soft soaps were .88  I had .35 cpn that dbld, .50/2 that dlbd  - I got them for .31 each.  Tyson chickn nuggets were advertised at 7.49, but they were 5.99, i had 1.00 cpn and 1.00 dig cpn cost me 3.99.  Hunts snack puddings were 10/10 but ya know ya dont have to buy 10... so i bought 7.  I had a cpn to b3get .60 off which dbld and a cpn to b3g1free. I paid .68 each.    Dannon Yogurts were on sale for 1.99 i bought 3, had 3 - $1.00 cpns therefore only paid .99 each.  Quaker Instant oat meal... 1.99 had cpn for 1.00 off...  The VITAMINS was AWESOME... they were b1g1free 6.99 each and i had  a total of $3.00 in cpns made each of them 1.99  The pilsbury cresent rolls and sweet rolls were on sale for 2/$3.00, i bought a total of 6 with 3.80 in cpns making each of them .86 PLUS they had box tops for Abigails school!!    My Grand Total should have been $130 and some change with the meats and other items i got...  with all my cpns and the sales... my total came to $76.05, but then I had a Kroger Coupon for $5.00 my total bill over $50.00... so i paid $71.05!   NOT BAD...  And I am not a hoarder... (TLC ext cpning lol )   We will actually use all this stuff.  I will be going to Giant Eagle and Target by the end of this week too, I have more cpns and sales there too!  Stay tuned!! 

Yet I ....

Posted by Dawn Dewey

I am not sure how many other mothers out there feel as if they have been put on the bad mommy list .. but this week is definitely mine!   Few of my other mommy friends always talk about how much they enjoy bath time with their kids... I DONT.. well not lately anyways.  Maybe I am attacking it all wrong.. maybe the wrong time..  3 kids in the same tub at the same me an instant headache thinking about it.  My 2 year old Weston screams when he gets water on his face or head... he throws the drenched washcloth out of the tub and onto the floor.. my 3 year old Aubrielle and 5 year old  Abigail fight over where they sit in the tub and then insist they have to sit next to each other cause they love each other sooo much....  then for the few seconds i step out to get towels and jammies  my 3 year old grabs the liquid soap and pours into the tub and starts her own bubble jets with her feet.. all the while my 2 year old is sucking on the soap drenched wash cloth and my 5 year old who knows better is laughing hysterically at all the ca-motion.  This was my night last night... just icing on the cake...   Just last weekend my artistic 3 year old decided that my Tanish microfiber couch was going to be a canvas and the blue pen was her paint brush... every cushion had at least 2 lines... then just a few days ago she decided to be a make up artist....  in walks Aubrie with what looked to be Fushia make up all over her face... then i started to smell her choice of make up.... NAIL POLISH... she had painted her cheeks, chin, forehead and both eye lids with FUSHIA nail polish.   I guess she just wanted to be "Pretty in Pink" ;)   Sooo ... bathtime last night equaled Mommy doing a lot of yelling. 

     This year I have started watching Joyce Meyers as soon as I get home and usually before the kids get up ... it has been good!  Title of this series is... Heart Condition.   Joyce had stated she was going to read a scripture from Habakkuk and i said to myself.. seriously.. just hearing the name i start tuning it out....  but for those of you who know Joyce.... she has such a way of making the scripture a reality!  So she read. Habakkuk 3:17-18   " Though the fig tree does not bud and there are no grapes on the vines, though the olive crops fail and the fields produce no food, though there are no sheep in the pen and no cattle in the stalls, YET I WILL REJOICE in the Lord."  Hmmmm i was sitting there trying to tie it all together... and then she breaks it down....   Though my husband lost his job over 2 years ago and still in need of a better paying one now.... and the gas prices continue to go through the roof...and my fridge and pantry are very empty and pay day not till the end of this week.. though i have lost my grandma few months ago and having a hard time dealing with that... though my children are screaming and fighting and soaking my bathroom floor and... and.... well just plain driving me nuts.... though i should be sleeping but instead i am using a qtip to get ink stains off my couch.....  YET I WILL REJOICE....... WHAT... are you serious!   HOW CAN I REJOICE with all this stuff....   She reminded that all that stuff we consider hard...  is actually to God considered the HIGH place.   Huh....  again.. its a heart condition.  If things were going smoothly for me... it would be easy for me to rejoice... but in the hard times.. the times when satan says.. YES... she will quit.. she will give in... is the times when i HAVE to rejoice... for the Lord is my strength .. it is not my own strength i rely on but His!    So when I choose to Rejoice in what i see as hard times..... it actually places me in HIGH places... and satan flees.... OH MAN... did you hear that... HE FLEES!  

 So this year...  my quote... my thought.... my daily start.... is YET I WILL REJOICE... no matter what comes my way .. I will rejoice

All new...

Posted by Dawn Dewey , 1/5/11

So this blogging is all new for me.. be patient I will get this....  I love to follow others blogs so i figured why just take... i should give as well.