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Posted by Dawn Dewey , 1/18/11

I have a 5 year old who insists on never eating chicken unless it is a nugget or a patty, refuses to eat pork chops unless it is drenched with ketchup and she sits at the table forever... beef ya right...  I honestly believe its not that she doesn't like it... it is a texture thing.    She eats certain vegetables pretty good, fruit great... cereals.. wonderful.. toasts... etc... but just not her proteins.

I have tried the supernanny approach... calm ... "ok honey... but you don't get your snack tonight.  Well now she approaches us... Mom I am done and I dont want any snack tonight.... (plate still has chicken/beef or pork on it) and she is fine with NO SNACK.   SO that is not working.  

I am trying hard not to get upset and frustrated cause she wont eat. My other 2... they can eat enough for a NFL football team.  I long quit being a short order cook well before she was 3.   I have even incorporated the jingle...  "You get what you get and you don't throw a fit"  (the girls love to use that on each other for EVERYTHING) ... The phrase.. "the kitchen is closed"   and it is to the point now where she could careless if she doesn't eat or drink anything else the rest of the night.  

I recently searched online for food charts ... like a rewarding type system... but I am not real sure how i feel about that...  I have posted the link to the website... it seems great even has games for kids to see how important it is to eat every part of the pyramid and is set up for different age groups. 

So.. I am asking all moms out there... ANY ADVICE.  I know being consistent is the key and we have been.  We have also tried different approaches.  I have heard everything from.. she will eat when she is hungry... to kids know when they are full... (full of what  She is healthy... she is not under weight...  SHE JUST WONT EAT MEAT  (unless McDonalds is attached to it lol)

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Jenna Says:

sneak it in? my kids won't eat veggies...I load 'em up on flinstones! LOL! jaden is getting better as he gets older. I don't stress anymore on what they do or don't eat. Sorry, no advice!!

MomnAAWof3 Says:

Ya I guess they do get them that way.. we have hannah montana gummie vitamins.. and Tinkerbell gummie vitamins... uggh.. lol

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