So i did get creative today!!!

Posted by Dawn Dewey , 1/28/11

So this week has been so crazy.. outside of the normal crazy lol.. 1st Aubrielle was at her Granna's house 2 hours away spending some quality time for her birthday, but right before she left she had a light case of croup. We dropped her off Saturday, then Sunday was a typical day... Monday... i got the touch of the stomach flu... by bed time Weston my youngest started the bark.. so like it was routine.. daddy and i went in to motion... Daddy got the coats and the blankets while mommy got her shoes on and grabbed little Wes to go outside for a breathing treatment or what we called "going to see the snowman". I bet my neighbors were wondering what was up for the past week with me and a bundled up kid taking a walk down our driveway.. oddly enough it works... ... for a few hours.Then Tuesday I get a call.. my Aubrielle is missing mommy.. so in the car we go.. meet 1/2 way to get her... and then the next 3 nights mommy would stay home from work and every other hour tend to her sick little Wes. Fever, coughing, choking not breathing.. HORRIBLE case of the croup. During the day time though.. u would think nothing was wrong with him.. so I got to be a SAHM this week. Of course I was not prepared with all sorts of craftiness things to try out... so as you read from my previous post I ended up with just photo cards.. but FREE PHOTO cards for Valentines this year. BUT... today my last day as a SAHM we decided to do crafts... took an idea from my dear Friend Susie Chadwick at

Aubrielle had a blast making this picture today and while she was gluing.. i tried another idea from I tweaked it a little bit.. here is the concept

And here is my tweeking... everything to make this was already lying around my house. I made Tissue paper flowered top pencil bouquet! WOW that is a mouthful! This is going to make a nice bouquet gift for GRANNA.. SHhhhhhhh!!

Hope you are having a last minute craftiness day like me! Now I need to get crafty and pack 3 kids my husband and myself for a weekend getaway to GRANNA's!!

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MomnAAWof3 Says:

ok so my link did not stick for but you can search tissue paper flowers... and watch the video!

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