Always up for a Challenge

Posted by Dawn Dewey , 1/12/11

One of my co-workers is having a baby... of course a baby girl.. which I go gaagaa over little girls.  Not that boys aren't just as precious... but all the girly stuff you can get....!  I have 2 so  I should know!   So we decided to have a mini baby shower at work for him...  And guess who volunteered to head it up!!  Of course! ME!  lol  I soo enjoy these types of things.   As I was trying to decide what cutsie things we could do I of course had to keep in mind that 1) we are still at work... and 2) he is a MAN and would not appreciate all the girly stuff like us women would.   So I found directions on how to make baby bootie cup cakes in pink!  OH YES!!  this is it!  I read the directions.. searched for others who have made them.. even found a video on youtube (that is becoming my best friend these days) and every single direction/recipe I found said  .... "SO EASY TO MAKE"  good I thought, cause that is exactly what i need!  I made my cupcakes the night before so they would be cooled down perfectly.  Yesterday after dropping kids off I mixed my cream cheese (can) frosting and red food coloring.  Filled my decorating bottle with white icing for the shoe strings.. and away i went.   1st one went together PERFECTLY... the rest no so perfectly.  lol   Cake Boss makes things look so easy!   The frosting and the cake crumbs from the cut portions kept mixing together making it AWFUL to frost the 2 pieces together... after making 6 of them.. i gave up... and just frosted the rest of the cupcakes pink and put the 1st initial of the new little baby girl to be "F" for Faith.    All in all everyone enjoyed the cupcakes and no one complained because they were not perfect    To top the baby shower off... my wonderful sister graciously made me an embroidered burp cloth and shipped it asap.... 

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