Coupon Deals for today

Posted by Dawn Dewey , 1/6/11

My Kroger deals for today.  Some of the items are stacked upon each other too.  But Cereal was my big score today.  They had b4 and get kellogs for 1.99 each... but then i had cpn for $1/2, $1/2, and a .75 dig cpn  cereal ended up being 1.30 each.   Malt O Meals were on sale 2/$5, and I had a $2.00 off cpn,   Soft soaps were .88  I had .35 cpn that dbld, .50/2 that dlbd  - I got them for .31 each.  Tyson chickn nuggets were advertised at 7.49, but they were 5.99, i had 1.00 cpn and 1.00 dig cpn cost me 3.99.  Hunts snack puddings were 10/10 but ya know ya dont have to buy 10... so i bought 7.  I had a cpn to b3get .60 off which dbld and a cpn to b3g1free. I paid .68 each.    Dannon Yogurts were on sale for 1.99 i bought 3, had 3 - $1.00 cpns therefore only paid .99 each.  Quaker Instant oat meal... 1.99 had cpn for 1.00 off...  The VITAMINS was AWESOME... they were b1g1free 6.99 each and i had  a total of $3.00 in cpns made each of them 1.99  The pilsbury cresent rolls and sweet rolls were on sale for 2/$3.00, i bought a total of 6 with 3.80 in cpns making each of them .86 PLUS they had box tops for Abigails school!!    My Grand Total should have been $130 and some change with the meats and other items i got...  with all my cpns and the sales... my total came to $76.05, but then I had a Kroger Coupon for $5.00 my total bill over $50.00... so i paid $71.05!   NOT BAD...  And I am not a hoarder... (TLC ext cpning lol )   We will actually use all this stuff.  I will be going to Giant Eagle and Target by the end of this week too, I have more cpns and sales there too!  Stay tuned!! 

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