Thank you for Heaven

Posted by Dawn Dewey , 5/6/13

My church had a women's/mothers luncheon this weekend and it was great... my sister, mom, nieces and my daughters were all there with me.  My girls and I were given the opportunity to be greeters for this event and my girls could not have been more excited!!  The room was decorated so nice, the food spread prepared by all the ladies that came was delish!! 

Many of you that have been following me are well aware of The Passionate Mom book that I have read and have been promoting.  One of the P's in the book, which is the 2nd P... is Pondering.  In Nehemiah 1:4 it says "When I heard these things, I sat down and wept.  For some days I mourned and fasted.  I am not sure about you, but when I am at church, I take notes... let me be honest...I chew on those notes for that day and even sometimes until the next time I go to church.  I hear the word... I grasp what was taught, explained and make sure I take good notes so I can go back  and re-get what I got from that service.  But I am not sure that I really pondered 100% of what I heard.  My Pastor's wife Pastor Tina spoke at our Mothers luncheon and had us all close our eyes and just say "thank you for heaven".

 "Pondering is deliberately contemplating the significance of what you perceived." - TPM .

 Pastor Tina gave some examples of the reasoning behind what she asked us to do.  One of those REALLY got my attention .. it was not because I could relate to the situation, but the fact of the severity of the situation...  She said.... "you just ran over your child with your vehicle....every thing is crazy at work...etc..  now close your eyes and say Thank you for heaven".  I began to ponder that.... it did not really click until Sunday morning.... WOW.... No matter what your circumstances are, what circumstances you might be facing, will be facing, could face....and the after math of the circumstance... there is one and only one constant in MY  life that remains.  I know without a shadow of a doubt that I am going to Heaven.  I know that my God is preparing a place for me, and no matter how crazy my life is here on earth, no matter how many changes I have to go through, no matter how minut my problem may be or how large it may be... the fact is I can say for certain Thank you for heaven!

 I am a Mom and i know mom's should expect to hear and deal with their children...well being children....I had just about had enough of 2 of mine arguing... it had been going on alllllllllllll morning..."Mom.. she did this".. then the other "Mom... he did this".... "Mom she's looking at me... Mom Mom Mom Mom"... and of course... guess when this was... Sunday morning as we were all trying to get ready for church! 

I ran for the best relief (well it was until today) my SHOWER... I can close the door and pray I get 15 minutes without interruption and just wash away the arguing under the relaxing hot hot hot water.   Then I remembered what i heard the day before....  so in my steaming hot shower, I closed my eyes and whispered "I know this is something little, but it is stressing me.. God, I Thank you for heaven. " 

An overwhelming peace came over me.... I have memorized many of memory verses, but never Pondered them much.... One of them being....Philippians 4:7.. it talks about the Peace that passes all understanding... it never really came clear till today.   I think the message version of that scripture really makes it pretty clear... Don't fret or worry. Instead of worrying, pray. Let petitions and praises shape your worries into prayers, letting God know your concerns. Before you know it, a sense of God's wholeness, everything coming together for good, will come and settle you down. It's wonderful what happens when Christ displaces worry at the center of your life.   

If God can do all this just because i was stressing out over my arguing kids... just think what he can do in my other crazy aspects of my life.  

I am so glad that I heed the word of God, and others who are used by God to deliver such teachings.  I am typically one who tries to get in and get it done...and make sure its done correctly, but these 10 P's from The Passionate Mom....  are not ones that can be rushed through...  I was getting upset and frustrated with myself because I had not mastered all 10 P's yet.... but let me tell  you .. I could not be more happy for the pace I am taking these steps and all the things I am learning on the way. 

Thank you for heaven, is not just a calgon take me away and then back to reality, its truly Christ displacing worries/circumstances at the center of my life.



Only 2 more days to enter to win!!!

Posted by Dawn Dewey , 4/22/13

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You've been Served.

Posted by Dawn Dewey , 4/17/13

It just amazes me how God speaks through other people to me and they don’t even realize it. I am soooo thankful that my eyes, and ears are in tune to look for these moments when God speaks to me.

I found myself asking what does being Passionate mean? You are probably like what… miss #passionatemom is asking what passionate means…

For over a month now I have been on every social media that I am aware of talking about being a passionate mom. YES that is my priority… but today I just got served.

I was sharing with a friend last night about the book, how I came to know the author, how I came to be on the delivery team and how my eyes have been opened to the revelations of passion from the book of Nehemiah. And in talking to my friend last night I said " The book of Nehemiah can be used towards life in general not just for passion as a mom". Little did I know I was going to eat my words the next morning, not even 8 hours later.

I was discussing a current work situation to one of my past managers (still w/company), and I have confided in this person quite a bit over the past few years. I trust this person because they have helped me, and encouraged me to be a better employee no matter my position.

In my (now I can say) whining session to this person, they sent me a message that said #passionatebanker. My jaw hit the floor!

YES I always do my job and I always do it to the best that I can, but where is my passion for the job that I am in now. No matter the situation I still need to have the same passion that drives me as a mom for my job that God has given me now. Until that changes… I need to be #passionateDAWN in every area of my life.

Sincerely Dr. SADQHM Dewey (I left the DQ in for your sake) -u know who you are. ;)

Kate Spade

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Win it !

It is finally here!

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Book Launch!!!

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If you can please say a prayer for Susan between 630-830 .... we are having a launch party and prayer....
The Passionate Mom Book Launch!The Passionate Mom Book Launch! | Susan Merrill Blog

And we have a WINNER!!!

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Do you have your entries in?

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Wackamama !

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Are you Passionate ?

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What do you think makes you a passionate mom?

Tell the truth

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What is your weakest point as a Mom… is it the pouting lips lol?


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HONESTLY, have you ever read the book of Nehemiah? If so what did you think???


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One day this week there will be a surprise video, watch the video, comment on it and tweet it. You will have to check my blog daily! You will not want to miss this video!


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What are some things you struggle with as a Mom?

I don't have time

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“Everyone has time, and so do you. You are just not making this a priority for your time.” Ouch - The Passionate Mom. Share with us if you Have made time to ponder about each of your children individually.

BOOK GIVE AWAY (attempt#2)

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Give Away!!! Starts Monday April 8th

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How would you like to get a copy of The Passionate Mom for FREE?  This makes the perfect gift for yourself... for family, friends...and MOTHERS DAY is coming up.  Do you know a new Mom... Mom with lots of kids.... Moms who are graying lol.

How would you like to start up a Passionate Mom Bible Study in your home, small group or church? 
Follow my blog, you can answer daily for more entries.  You will also have to check back daily for surprises too. 

The Passionate Mom GIVE AWAY

Give away starts Monday April 8- April 12th. 

Abigail's blog of the day

Posted by Dawn Dewey , 4/6/13

When I lived in Columbus, I made brownies for new years eve in my easy bake oven.  I liked the little brownies they were really good.  They were really easy to make, although it was very messy. 
I would recommend other moms to let their kids  use their Easy Bake Ovens more often.


Book Tutorial

Posted by Dawn Dewey , 4/4/13

Here it is again in case you did not catch it the first time I posted. 

Keep posted I am getting a give-away ready...

Video Review

Book Review for The Passionate Mom

Posted by Dawn Dewey , 4/3/13

The Passionate Mom - 
            Finally a book for Mothers that is truly encouraging and makes me feel I can be a better mom! The Passionate Mom is written by Susan Merrill who is not only the program director for but also is Mother to 5 children birthed and blessed to her and husband Mark.   The Passionate Mom is a book that once you start reading it, it will be hard to put down.  I had my doubts at first, as a mom of 3 I’ve been searching for that parent book to help me feel normal, to also encourage me that it does get better and that I can do this mommy thing the right way the.  THIS IS THE BOOK that I have been waiting for. 
            Based off of Nehemiah, a book in the Bible, Susan Merrill has made what I thought to be a "boring" book in the Bible to be the most amazing book. Christian and non-Christians will be able to relate to the great mothering skills given.  There are a lot of steps and points in her book, but all are very relatable and doable. 
            Any mother who strives for the best for her children really needs to get a copy of this book.  I am normally not a kindle type reader, but having a copy on my kindle makes it easier for me throughout my day to re-read it and refresh myself with the encouraging words from this book. Quotes like “Patience is a like my keys often lost and found in the strangest places” and then there is “Everyone has time, and so do you.  You are just not making this a priority for your time”, and lastly “passion never fails when it is fueled by love”.  The Passionate Mom is truly a book that is all about LOVE!
I truly recommend this book to mothers of all ages.  She also has free printables on her website
Stay tuned I may be giving away a book for FREE.... 
Take a look at some of her endorsements

Susan Merrill is one of those rare and real women.

As I have journeyed and fumbled my way through motherhood, there are a few seasoned moms I have met along the way that I would love to sit with for hours over coffee to engage in honest, authentic dialogue about the struggle to do what it takes to be passionate, loving moms. Susan Merrill is one of those rare and real women. (Read Full Endorsement)
Jane DeLaney
President & Founder Emeals, Inc.

My friend Susan Merrill regularly inspires me.

Being a mother is the greatest joy of my life. My friend Susan Merrill regularly inspires me in my role as a Mother. In her book, she will inspire you!(Read Full Endorsement)
Denise Jonas
Mother of the Jonas Brothers and Frankie Jonas

A book that will be a vital guide for me for the next 10 years.

Susan Merrill has done her homework, and the result is a book that will be a vital guide for me for the next 10 years, as I try to navigate my kids through grade school, middle school and high school and launch them into life.(Read Full Endorsement)
Shaunti Feldhahn
Social Researcher and Best-Selling Author

Lays out a practical, biblical plan.

In The Passionate Mom, Susan Merrill not only outlines the qualities women need to be successful moms, but also lays out a practical, biblical plan to help develop those qualities.(Read Full Endorsement)
Lauren and Tony Dungy

Buy two of her books—one for you and your best friend.

If you are looking for encouragement as a mom, as well as some very practical help in being a mom, you’ve found it in The Passionate Mom. Buy two of her books—one for you and your best friend…she likely needs it as well.(Read Full Endorsement)
Dr. Dennis Rainey
Host, FamilyLife Today

We know what it is like to ask the question, “Am I doing this right?”

Like the Merrills, my wife, Debbie, and I have five children. We know what it is like to ask the question, “Am I doing this right?” when it comes to raising your kids. Susan gives us solid guidance on how parents, especially moms, can protect our kids and point them to a secure future.(Read Full Endorsement)
Michael W. Smith

She is The Passionate Mom!

I have known Susan Merrill for many years, and I can tell you that she is The Passionate Mom! In this book, Susan shares her own stories as a mom—both her successes and challenges.(Read Full Endorsement)  
Walt Larimore, MD
Best-Selling Author

Susan Merrill is a mom who gets it.

Susan Merrill is a mom who gets it. She's honest, wise, experienced, and offers practical strategies to help you be the intentional mom you want to be”(Read Full Endorsement)
Jill Savage
Founder and CEO of Hearts at Home

The Passionate Mom

Posted by Dawn Dewey , 4/1/13

I have had the privilege of being on the delivery team for the book The Passionate Mom by Susan Merrill... I will be writing a book review for this within the next 2 wks. I could not wait to share this... please check out this video. Book will be available April 30th!


Where has my hope been?

Posted by Dawn Dewey , 2/22/13

Psalms 71:14 But I will hope continually, and will praise You yet more and more. 15 My mouth shall tell of Your righteous acts and of Your deeds of salvation all the day, for their number is more than I know. 16 I will come in the strength and with the mighty acts of the Lord God; I will mention and praise Your righteousness, even Yours alone. 17 O God, You have taught me from my youth, and hitherto have I declared Your wondrous works. 18 Yes, even when I am old and gray-headed, O God, forsake me not, [but keep me alive] until I have declared Your mighty strength to [this] generation, and Your might and power to all that are to come. Even when I am old and gray-headed..WOW Lord did you really have to remind me about that this early in the morning... I tell my kids I am not gray-headed, but I have highlights of wisdom! Pastor preached on HOPE the other night.. and ohhh how my pastor is used by God.. he really nailed my mental thoughts and emotions for the week and that day. My life has been in a whirlwind since ohhhh maybe May '12. That is when we (umm my husband) decided we were moving back to my home area..(this is another blog topic when God says its A LOT of unfamiliar territory for me. Acts 27:20 just about sums up from then till now (in my mind). 20 And when neither sun nor stars were visible for many days and no small tempest kept raging about us, all hope of our being saved was finally abandoned. Gradually over this small time frame I have been losing hope... Hope in many different areas in my life. But in Acts 27 because of where Paul was standing (firm) he had not lost hope. I tried to write down many of the awesome points that Pastor made that night.. so some of these quotes are his.. but he said DO NOT LET GO OF THE EXPECTANCY OF RESCUE,CHANGE, AND GOOD THINGS TO HAPPEN. DON'T EVER LET CIRCUMSTANCES WEAR YOUR HOPE THIN! Circumstances are relentless!! I heard God replace Paul's name in Act 27:24 with mine "Do not be afraid Dawn!" vs 25 keep your Faith in God that it is going to turn out EXACTLY the way HE said! BUT I WILL HOPE CONTINUALLY, AND WILL PRAISE YOU YET MORE AND MORE!!!!! I WILL MENTION AND PRAISE YOUR RIGHTEOUSNESS! It never ceases to amaze me how in every day life, talking(texting or emailing) and things we hear... how God uses EVERYTHING to speak to me to show me new things daily. vs 17... you have taught me in my youth... and I have declared your wondrous works... for those who don't know much about me... I was born and raised in the church.. I have been taught the word of God.. along this journey of life and the many circumstances that I allowed to get in my way...i have never doubted once that God's hand of protection was on me....I have learned a lot in the past ummm... years... hence the reason my highlights of wisdom are now gleaming through... (lol). One thing I have learned is that each time I share with someone else the goodness of God in my life personally ...that it is right on time in that persons life as well. It is an awesome cycle that I am praying will be a contagious one... If I HOPE continually, love & praise GOD more and more... if I tell others about the wonderful things HE has done in my life.. no matter how old I get ...keeping this "cycle" up... I will declare HIS mightiness to the generations to come. Isn't that what Isaiah 61:1 says..The Lord God’s spirit is upon me, because the Lord has anointed me.He has sent me to bring good news to the poor, to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim release for captives, and liberation for prisoners. God I just thank you and praise you for your word you have given to me re: where my hope has been. I worship and praise you God all the days of my life!