AMAZING how much I realized this weekend!

Posted by Dawn Dewey , 3/6/11

WOW what a weekend! My oldest daughter who just turned 6, won an overnight stay for 4 to Kalahari Water park resort in Sandusky. We were able to use it on her post birthday weekend which made it even a sweeter deal for her!

On this mini vacation a lot of realizations filled my mind. The drive was a very scenic relaxing drive.. we took our time getting there... We drove through parts of Ohio that were just now getting out of being under water. We were in AWE... stunned... unbelief of how badly flooded this area of Ohio was/is. We realized how blessed we are... and how awful and horrible these people have it. I was talking to an employee at the Mcdonalds in the area... and she said "Yes at least today I was able to drive to get to work today". WOW.

In my head.. my children are still my babies... and without knowing ..I don't want them to grow up. And on certain occasions I REALIZE this... lol this being another one of those times. Kalahari has this amazing wave pool! Abigail wanted badly to go in. I was petrified to even think to let her go in. So we tempted with the shallow end which only made her desires to go in even more... now.. keep in mind that this is the child who screams when you get water in her face when getting her hair washed! Kalahari has this AWESOME rule.. (which i didn't like at first) kids under a certain height MUST wear a life-jacket in all water areas. Well... I caved and let Abigail go further in the wave pool with me in arms reach of course... MAN O MAN did we get knocked around, under and over and into each other... the 1st 20 minutes I WAS NOT HAVING FUN.. trying to watch her, catch her and hold myself up at the same time was NOT my idea of fun. Then as I stood catching my breath... i see this amazing beautiful little girl having the time of her life... jumping the waves... going up and down under the water like she was a fish! SERIOUSLY I was in AWE! It was then I REALIZED that my little girl is growing up even more!

I'm sure that if I think harder I can think of a TON more of realizations... but the last one I will leave you all with is that ... I realized this mini vacation was NOT LONG ENOUGH! lol

PS... one more thing... I think God was also teaching me a lesson in it all too..all the worrying I do.. if i just sit back.. catch my breath... I can see HIS work in AWE too!

AMAZING how much I realized this weekend!