I really LOVE Valentines Day!

Posted by Dawn Dewey , 2/13/11

I really do love Valentines day! I always have.. from being in grade school I remember getting to decorate my valentines box. I don't really remember all the valentines I received or didn't receive.. I was all about giving mine. Now that I am a mom and we.. err I mean Abigail gets to make her own valentines box... and getting ready for the big valentines party with all the snacks to bring in.. and valentines to send... I am literally like a kid in a candy store.. I am so excited.. but not to receive.. but to give. I started making these Valentine cake truffles at 1030pm last night and my husband said.. who are these for.. I said .. I dunno I'll find someone. I have 2 dozens someones to find... hahah. But I get it. For GOD so loved US that He gave His SON JESUS! WOW.. that's what I wrote on all my basketball players valentines. IT seems so simple.. so childlike that scripture... but OH SO TRUE.. I can just see God face when one of his children realizes the GIFT that they have been given.. the smile on his face... the joy that it brings him... just for us to receive his SON.. his ONE AND ONLY SON. WOW ... and to top it off with whip cream and strawberries ( i don't like cherries).. WE get to be the ones to tell others about this great gift..WOW...

I am amazed at how God reveals things and speaks to us.. I came on here to blog about my Cake Truffles...

Hope everyone has a great Valentines day... enjoy the pics of my pink and red chocolate makings.

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