Beautiful Lips

Posted by Dawn Dewey , 4/5/11

I am amazed at how God is in everything! Specifically in the littlest things.

This past weekend we took a road trip with Daddy after the girls soccer games. He got a call from work for a needed pharmecuetical run, and since we all were at the soccer fields & our plans for the evening were canceled we decided to tag along with him and make it an adventure day.

We ended up going shopping.. imagine that.. lol and Daddy found the coolest lipsticks for the girls... Hello Kitty 3 shades of pink glitter... beautiful! The girls thought they were diva's! And of course Mama thought they looked like divas.

Well last night, as I put the girls to bed, I pulled out their God's little princess devotional and randomly selected the devotion titled "Beautiful lips" In my head I was thinking.. hmm this could be good since the girls have been doing some tattle telling... some lying... and saying some not so nice words. So as i began reading.. it was talking about how we have to be careful with the words that come out of our mouths and how it can hurt people etc... it went in to talk about putting beautiful lipstick on and I was able to relate it to their lipstick and tell them how every morning before we go to school that "WHEN" we put on our lipstick we have to make sure that we are careful with our words that come out of our beautiful lips...etc... well that STUCK... Oh mommy we can put lipstick on every day... OH YES girls... as long as we make sure we are careful with the words that come out... They got so excited and started giving me bad examples... and good examples of words.

WOW... I thought.. God you are amazing something so little is making such an impact in my girls... they will remember this everytime they put on their lipstick.

We then held hands and prayed..and both girls included in their prayer ..."please Jesus help my lips with lipstick say nice things to others at school tomorrow"...

Then we sang the old school song... Oh be careful little mouth what you say... for the FATHER up above is looking down with love... Oh be careful beautiful lips what you say.