Another sick day another child

Posted by Dawn Dewey , 2/4/11

Well this week has been another crazy. School on Monday, then 2 snow days, back to school on Thursday and then my oldest daughter wakes up with what looks like the onset of pink eye.. so now a sick day. On top of that.. I have been sort of sick myself. Although I don't feel sick, let's just say I have the symptoms that come with being sick. I can't keep food in. This has been going of for 3 days now. And NO I AM NOT PREGNANT! (lol).

So after dropping off my little ones at my mother in laws (i don't want a pink eye epidemic to break out in my house) we both came home and rested. Then it was time to take my middle daughter to school. On the way home I kept thinking what can we do that is educational as well as fun. YEAH ITS CRAFT TIME!

So we searched online at different ideas and we both loved this one. We added our own little flare with the rhinestone gems. We were able to sound out words, write the sounds we hear, have fun and get our craft on!

These will soon be taped on our front door as soon as i figure out where the little ones put my tape roll. : )

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