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Posted by Dawn Dewey , 1/6/11

I am not sure how many other mothers out there feel as if they have been put on the bad mommy list .. but this week is definitely mine!   Few of my other mommy friends always talk about how much they enjoy bath time with their kids... I DONT.. well not lately anyways.  Maybe I am attacking it all wrong.. maybe the wrong time..  3 kids in the same tub at the same me an instant headache thinking about it.  My 2 year old Weston screams when he gets water on his face or head... he throws the drenched washcloth out of the tub and onto the floor.. my 3 year old Aubrielle and 5 year old  Abigail fight over where they sit in the tub and then insist they have to sit next to each other cause they love each other sooo much....  then for the few seconds i step out to get towels and jammies  my 3 year old grabs the liquid soap and pours into the tub and starts her own bubble jets with her feet.. all the while my 2 year old is sucking on the soap drenched wash cloth and my 5 year old who knows better is laughing hysterically at all the ca-motion.  This was my night last night... just icing on the cake...   Just last weekend my artistic 3 year old decided that my Tanish microfiber couch was going to be a canvas and the blue pen was her paint brush... every cushion had at least 2 lines... then just a few days ago she decided to be a make up artist....  in walks Aubrie with what looked to be Fushia make up all over her face... then i started to smell her choice of make up.... NAIL POLISH... she had painted her cheeks, chin, forehead and both eye lids with FUSHIA nail polish.   I guess she just wanted to be "Pretty in Pink" ;)   Sooo ... bathtime last night equaled Mommy doing a lot of yelling. 

     This year I have started watching Joyce Meyers as soon as I get home and usually before the kids get up ... it has been good!  Title of this series is... Heart Condition.   Joyce had stated she was going to read a scripture from Habakkuk and i said to myself.. seriously.. just hearing the name i start tuning it out....  but for those of you who know Joyce.... she has such a way of making the scripture a reality!  So she read. Habakkuk 3:17-18   " Though the fig tree does not bud and there are no grapes on the vines, though the olive crops fail and the fields produce no food, though there are no sheep in the pen and no cattle in the stalls, YET I WILL REJOICE in the Lord."  Hmmmm i was sitting there trying to tie it all together... and then she breaks it down....   Though my husband lost his job over 2 years ago and still in need of a better paying one now.... and the gas prices continue to go through the roof...and my fridge and pantry are very empty and pay day not till the end of this week.. though i have lost my grandma few months ago and having a hard time dealing with that... though my children are screaming and fighting and soaking my bathroom floor and... and.... well just plain driving me nuts.... though i should be sleeping but instead i am using a qtip to get ink stains off my couch.....  YET I WILL REJOICE....... WHAT... are you serious!   HOW CAN I REJOICE with all this stuff....   She reminded that all that stuff we consider hard...  is actually to God considered the HIGH place.   Huh....  again.. its a heart condition.  If things were going smoothly for me... it would be easy for me to rejoice... but in the hard times.. the times when satan says.. YES... she will quit.. she will give in... is the times when i HAVE to rejoice... for the Lord is my strength .. it is not my own strength i rely on but His!    So when I choose to Rejoice in what i see as hard times..... it actually places me in HIGH places... and satan flees.... OH MAN... did you hear that... HE FLEES!  

 So this year...  my quote... my thought.... my daily start.... is YET I WILL REJOICE... no matter what comes my way .. I will rejoice

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Jenna Says:

Oh Dawn, I have had days like that...what am I talking about, I have days like that everyday! LOL!!

"Take Joy.."...what?!?!? Take joy in the hard times? When I read that in the Bible, I mutter under my breath "shmuggle-muggle-fuggle". But after reading it more, it doesn't mean take joy in you trials. That would be crazy. It means take joy in the end product of your trials. Take joy in what you will learn & how much you will grow & how much you will be able to relate and help others who will be going through the same thing as you in the future.

Looking back at every hard time in my life, it has only made me a stronger person & stronger in my faith. I am thankful, not for my hard times, but thankful that I am a better person for it. Now, when I face hard times, I can used history to prove itself over & over: God is in control and He is faithful to always take care of us.

Remember, earth is only our temporary home.

Hugs & Love!

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