You've been Served.

Posted by Dawn Dewey , 4/17/13

It just amazes me how God speaks through other people to me and they don’t even realize it. I am soooo thankful that my eyes, and ears are in tune to look for these moments when God speaks to me.

I found myself asking what does being Passionate mean? You are probably like what… miss #passionatemom is asking what passionate means…

For over a month now I have been on every social media that I am aware of talking about being a passionate mom. YES that is my priority… but today I just got served.

I was sharing with a friend last night about the book, how I came to know the author, how I came to be on the delivery team and how my eyes have been opened to the revelations of passion from the book of Nehemiah. And in talking to my friend last night I said " The book of Nehemiah can be used towards life in general not just for passion as a mom". Little did I know I was going to eat my words the next morning, not even 8 hours later.

I was discussing a current work situation to one of my past managers (still w/company), and I have confided in this person quite a bit over the past few years. I trust this person because they have helped me, and encouraged me to be a better employee no matter my position.

In my (now I can say) whining session to this person, they sent me a message that said #passionatebanker. My jaw hit the floor!

YES I always do my job and I always do it to the best that I can, but where is my passion for the job that I am in now. No matter the situation I still need to have the same passion that drives me as a mom for my job that God has given me now. Until that changes… I need to be #passionateDAWN in every area of my life.

Sincerely Dr. SADQHM Dewey (I left the DQ in for your sake) -u know who you are. ;)

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Susan Merrill Says:

Dawn--I love this revelation! So cool and such an extension of what Passionate Mom is about . I know it is long but will you share it here

Sarah Says:

So true! This book has been so good for me on so many levels in my life. It was amazing that as I began my journey on the delivery team, my Sunday school class was in the middle of Another Brick in the Wall by Charles Swindoll about the book of Nehemiah, and my pastor was just finishing a series called passionate living! God's timing is perfect!

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